Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stop the border fence!

Illegal immigration is a major problem. The working citizens of the United States of America can not afford to pay for social services for every person who can make it across a river or a desert or an ocean. I believe legal immigration should be far more accessible; more taxpayers lowering each person’s burden, more consumers stimulating more private economy growth, and more cross cultural education, leading to a more well-rounded society.
The problem with illegal immigration, to me, is not necessarily about who is coming into the country, but more about can we afford them once they are here?
Let them come in legally, and most of our problem goes away. The real problem isn't who is coming across the border,the real issue is the amount of services our government provides in the first place.We don’t need to focus on who is coming here to ‘steal’ our services, we need to focus on why our government provides so many services.
I don’t want to sound paranoid or anything, but people should really check themselves when they start begging for a boarder fence. Really? Is that what you want? An impenetrable fence patrolled by dogs and helicopters running the entire length of our country's southern border? Why not throw in the northern border while you’re at it? There are a few region wide fences in world history both past and present. Many successfully kept out invaders, others very successfully keep in their own citizens. They were built to keep their own people from getting out. Next time you start to talk about fences, think Escape from East Berlin. I believe North Korea successfully maintains a border fence as well. Another excellent role model.
How many of you have envisioned and prepared for the day when Big Brother is actually marching down the street in front of your house, and you turn to your family and say, “get in the jeep, we’re outta here?” Good for you if you have your escape route planned, but how are you going to escape to the beaches of Baja, the mountains of Costa Rica, or maybe even the forests of Alberta, when you can’t get past the militarized zone? You know, the one you recently begged to be built to protect you from some really nice people that were looking for the same opportunity you enjoyed while America was still prosperous.
Don’t be so short sighted. We don’t need a fence, we need to change our government service policies. Eliminate the incentive. The powers that be must be laughing their collective asses off to see people actually asking to be imprisoned in their own country. Solve problems, not symptoms.