Friday, December 26, 2008

All people are people

Every person that works, that earns a living, in one way or another, needs corporations. One can either work for a corporation, or work for a smaller business that likely depends on the equipment, products, processes, or procedures invented, produced or managed by a larger entity.

And it should go without saying that every single individual, from the fanatic leftist with his Prius, cloth shopping bag and Birkenstocks, all the way to the fanatic rightist with her Escalade, glock 9, and gold plated bible book mark, need, and readily use, the services and products provided by ‘evil’ corporations.

It is absolutely ridiculous to paint a corporation as evil. A corporation is people. People with an idea for a service or product that other people desire. People who risk their livelihood to employ other people to carry out the functions necessary to provide said service or product.

Separation of the working man from the rich man is not only commonly accepted, it is promoted, and believed in like some modern bigotry. As if the rich aren’t people, and they didn’t, aren’t, and never will, work. I guarantee you the rich work, and by many standards of success, it is obvious that they worked smarter, longer and harder than the ‘working-man’ ever cared to.

This government-sanctioned prejudice against success only begins there. Another way one can get rich, is by working for the government. And by the way the government acts, it must be the goal of government to have every man woman and child working for the government itself. How they intend to tax taxes without production will be the final joke on everyone, and it is the beginnings of that joke that we are seeing now through the cracks in the veneer.

But one should listen carefully when the talking heads of government rally the population against the rich in favor of the working man, it is like the guilty younger brother standing over the broken cookie jar explaining to his mother that his sister did it, even though she is in the other room.