Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Government as God through Science

As the government uses the public education system to promote the sciences, it inherently degrades the importance of spiritual principles in the mind of it's people.

This is not an accident.

Facts are fleeting and entirely corruptible depending on who is in power. The more a person is led from "feeling" to "fact", the less morally upright a people they become, leading to a less independent people more easily led into slavery.

The very freedom of our country was founded on ethics and personal responsibility not found in any government scripture prior to America’s founding, but through far more spiritual guidance. Once the spirit is squelched, once dependence on government is thoroughly established, there is very little that can arrest the snowball into feudalism.

Controlling our health care, re-distributing our production, dictating our education. The real battle between rich and poor does not exist on the battle field of corporate soil, the greatest war is being waged between the political elite and the working man, all the while, without their own moral compass, the working man champions the government as their savior.

The rule of one man over another has become the goal of our government, forcing people only to unite in cause behind armies of lawyers and lobbyists to exert power and extort freedoms from one class or another for one cause or another. The idea of making your own world work for you is being purposefully eradicated from the American psyche through the use and support of labor unions, social services, protectionist rulings, public education, and an ever increasing bible of laws-of-man, whose sole purpose is to restrict the rights of one for the benefit of another.

Religion has played many parts throughout history, some dark and some enlightened, I do not propose that organized religion is some cure all, it isn't. I am talking about spirituality and the ethics that come with a higher understanding of our place in the universe. In today’s world, the ethics of personal responsibility are being forced out of existence by a pseudo nanny state who uses its entrenched “public service” systems to fool us into believing it is working for us, all the while enslaving us, one law at a time.

With our moral compass purposely being eradicated by the entrenched elites, we are losing the precious and short lived American experiment of freedom and personal responsibility that led people of many nations to the promise of freedom, a promise we now willingly give up in hopes of some great king that will take away the fear and responsibility of being free.