Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Public Education an Arm's Length Transaction?

Why does the general population seem so ignorant to the big lie of government? The biggest reason is that most everyone garners their knowledge of “how things work” through some level of “education” vis a vis the public school system.

There are the private schools of course, but really a small percentage of the population is privately educated. Not the least part of which is due to the constant struggle parents face when trying to free up their tax dollars from special interest control so they can take their child to the school of their choice. The Government, and its employee unions, have no use for privatized education, and fight to maintain control of that money for their approved school system with tooth and nail. Which school system does the government sponsor? The public school system of course, the one they control the curriculum for, the one that teaches exactly what the government needs everyone to believe so that they can perpetuate the great lie of government.

Doesn’t it scare the heck out of anyone else that citizens are placed into, indeed in some cases required by law to attend, an “education system” that perpetuates a curriculum designed and approved by the same people that we are supposed to vote for and then pay our taxes to? That must be the single greatest scam any history book could tell. It is definitely a most horrific abuse of power. The con is pulled off so well, that without making a terrific effort to seek out opposing views, most people who have been through the system actually stand up and fight for it. A sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

The very concept of a “public school” is just as scary to me as a “religious government.”